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exterior before

front - new.jpg

Atwood Residence Remodel


Charlottesville, Virginia

The remodel of this small home entailed upgrading the kitchen and bathroom but also reorganizing some spaces to allow for one-level living.  The laundry, which had been located in the basement, has been brought to an extra bedroom, and the stair down has been altered to be accessed from that new laundry room versus through the tight kitchen.  Changes to the bathroom included new tilework and fixtures and removing the ceiling to make the space vaulted.

living room1 - old.jpeg
living room1 - new.jpg
front - old.jpg
extra room1 - old.jpeg

exterior after

bathroom1 - new.jpg
kitchen2 - old.jpeg
bathroom2 - old.jpeg
bathroom2 - new.jpg
bathroom1 - old.jpeg
kitchen1 - old.jpeg
dining - old.jpeg
view to entry - old.jpeg
view to entry - new.jpg
laundry-stair down - new.jpg
kitchen2 - new.jpg
kitchen1 - new.jpg
dining - new.jpg

bathroom before

 living room before

living room after

extra room before

dining area before

kitchen before

extra room after

dining area after

kitchen after

living room

and entry before

living room

and entry after

bathroom after

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