Wayne Residence

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Mill Valley, California

For Tardy and Associates Architects

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The owners of this small, steep property wanted a house that would take advantage of the sweeping views of the San Francisco skyline and nearby Mount Tamalpais. The challenge was to get access from street level and keep the main living and entertainment functions of the house at the top.

The stacked plan steps up the hill with the four levels connected both literally and visually by the stair/elevator tower. The garage and driveway are dug into the hillside. The bedrooms occupy the middle levels with the master being a level higher than the other bedrooms for a better view and providing access to a small private garden at the back of the house. The public living spaces are at the top level with unobstructed views featuring the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco across the bay. As a result of the steepness of the terrain, the kitchen, despite it being on the upper floor, opens to a small walled-off lawn area behind the house.

The exterior of the house consists of a canted stone base that serves to anchor the house visually to the ground, where otherwise it might appear that the house could slide down the steep slope. The chimney is clad in stone which anchors the upper portion of the house to its base. The walls are beige-colored stucco except for the tower, which is clad in a contrasting white horizontal wood siding. The roofs are a greenish-gray standing seam metal. There are stained wood accents throughout such as the garage doors and heavy lintels, as well as the bay window supports. The roof of the tower is supported visually by large brackets and clerestory windows bring light down into the stairwell.

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